The Power of Communication in a High Tech World

If the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is the value of today's high tech communication network. Without our smartphones, Skype and social media accounts, social distancing and self-isolating measures would mean many of us going for weeks without communicating with anyone. The world would indeed seem a much lonelier place. Our dependence on technological gadgetry is also growing stronger in many other areas of our lives as the speed of communication accelerates.

Communication Speed

Only three or four decades ago news still travelled relatively slow, with major events being reported hours later from just a few sources.

News still had to be sought. Now we have an instant live transmission from as many smartphones as there are bystanders, enabling ordinary people the opportunity to bypass the traditional news channels. In fact, many news features become sensational stories completely unaided thanks to the power of imagery. Skype is revolutionary for an era that includes self-isolating.

Even in a remote location, providing you have an internet connection, Skype instantly connects you to your family and friends. Use the Skype video chat app and you're in communication with up to fifty people simultaneously. In self-isolation, we can be connected to more people than we probably ever meet in person during any hour of our daily lives. And the best thing about it is, you can simply disconnect when you're desperate for some solitary peace and quiet.

Media Socialising

We have largely come to appreciate the intrusion of a large world into our daily lives.

Following streamed live action via webcams from a variety of locations can be compelling. It's often difficult to resist the temptation of spying on people as they stroll along the beachfront or shopping mall. There's something about a visual image that is inexplicably fascinating. The message each such image contains is instant, complete and often says more in a split second than a thousand words could ever do.

It's one of the reasons why Instagram is now the fastest growing social media channel. Facebook and Twitter rely primarily on words to convey thought. They are suddenly appearing to be drifting towards being outdated formats. Brands working Instagram use little more than visual imagery to achieve remarkable success.

One estimate from 2021 indicated that more than 70% of American businesses chose the power of Instagram over other forms of social media. Combine that with 60% of visitors who first discover a product through the platform and you can understand why Shopify how to make money on Instagram tutorials are so popular with new businesses. Instant imagery and communication processes that virtually travel at the speed of light have already made the world a smaller place. And it's astonishing to consider the power of a miniscule, physical entity such as the Coronavirus has enabled it to travel around the globe at a speed that almost surpasses the most advanced technology.

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