The most anticipated games of 2021

Video game lovers will have a year full of excitement as countless major games are expected to be released in 2021.Not all electronic games happen in casinos and, although everyone wants to join the universe of the , this is not the only game universe that excites the Brazilians.The international public and also the Brazilian are currently in a great moment of expectation and enthusiasm, with the titles of games that will come out this year and which include remakes of classic games and also news for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.There are several games expected, some of which present the figure of well known American film actors, such as Keanu Reeves. In addition to the news for 2021 and remakes of some of the classic games that have already conquered the world, this is the year in which will be released some of the video games that were expected in 2021 and whose releases were eventually postponed. The release of the new consoles of 2021 are also remarkable for users of this type of game, since the entire game experience can be improved from this year.

The Last of Us - Part 2 The

release of this videogame, for PlayStation 4, was already expected in 2021 but has been postponed.


story tells a new adventure of the characters Joel and Ellie, with a narrative where the protagonists present themselves older. In this story, Ellie presents herself in a real spiral of violence and hatred, clashing against elements of a cult.

The chaotic universe of a world invaded by zombies will continue to mark the narrative of the video game.

2.Cyberpunk 2077 This

game, which will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC and Stadia is the most anticipated video game of 2021, being developed by the same company that launched the famous "The Witcher". This video game will allow the use of force or intelligence to solve missions and has the special participation of American actor Keanu Reeves as protagonist.

3 Final Fantasy Remake 7 This

remake is also on the list of most wanted for 2021, updating one of video game lovers' favourite classics. The release will be made for PlayStation 4, allowing players to control characters such as Barret, Tifa and Cloud by moving them directly into action.


PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC and Stadia, this release is particularly awaited by lovers of the Marvel universe.

This game will have features focused on its single player use for other online multiplayer missions. Miss Marvel is the protagonist of this game, bringing the Avengers together again.

5.No More Heroes 3 This

release for the Switch has no date scheduled, knowing only that it will come out this year for the new Nintendo console. The game is much awaited, knowing little about the game, of which was still revealed only a trailer.

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