HSN 11 - Rhodiola

The energy of the Vikings and a help against stress

Nature always provides us with many natural products that help us feel better and purify our organism. One of them is the root of this plant with millenary healing effects, because the ancient Greeks already took it and it is even said that the Vikings increased their strength with it. Because, the multiple chemical compounds of the root and rhizome of this plant have very positive effects to recover energy and overcome stress processes.

A plant with multiple beneficial effects for the bodyScience

has already shown that its root contains bioactive elements of great interest to our body, such as phenylpropanoids, phenylethanols, flavonoids, monoterpenes, triterpenes or phenolic acids. They are different chemical compounds whose positive effects have been demonstrated: for example, one of their most active components,


, is extracted from the dried root and is capable of inhibiting the action of the enzymes that have such an influence on the appearance of depression and senile dementia.

The action of all its elements combined is extremely beneficial, to the extent that, in addition to increasing energy levels and helping to overcome stress, it also strengthens the immune system, reinforces the nervous system, improves heart problems and even helps improve sexual function.

Almost immediate results, with no side effects

Without a doubt, acquiring and taking

R hodiola Rosea

root as a complement to reinforce our general state of mind and help our organism to overcome certain problems is a good way to take care of our health. The most common dosage is between 100 and 600 mg per day, which is enough to take one or two capsules daily, preferably 15 minutes before eating. If you take only one capsule, it is advisable to do so in the morning, before breakfast, in order to take full advantage of the invigorating effects. However, at high doses, between 1500 and 2000 mg per day, nervousness or irritability may occur.

However, as its action on pregnant women or children has not been adequately studied, its use is not recommended in these circumstances.

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