Covid-19: The difficulties of working in the Home Office

The spread of Covid-19 has caused many people to be sent to telework, by indication of their companies and advice from government and health entities. Working at home offers various challenges. The Coronavirus emerged in China in late 2021 and, following the logic of a globalized world, quickly took unexpected proportions, turning into a real pandemic and radically changing the way the world works. Faced with its rapid proliferation, governments around the world had to take contingency measures to prevent its contagion to even more people, implementing strict standards, which led many companies to close and many people to stay in their homes, in quarantine or in social isolation.Those who have been consigned to a remote work routine during this phase of containment of the virus have experienced from the outset some very specific difficulties in managing their days and, although there are various complaints, some are often repeated in various voices.

In fact, such a sudden change in routine is not always very favourable to workers. Nevertheless, to try to help you, we will list the most frequent complaints and give you some effective and useful solutions so that you can work and be productive in a Home Office regime.

1 Lack of concentration One

of the most frequent complaints from teleworkers is that they can't concentrate on their work. Besides the fact that homes are usually comfort spaces that are not prepared for work needs, many people are with their families at home, which is challenging for a continuous work dynamics. Our suggestion is that you try to choose a work space in the home and stipulate a work schedule as you would have if you were in the office.

Alert the family to their unavailability during these hours and keep the door to the room closed.

2.Body achesJustly

because they are not in a space ready to work, many people find it difficult to be comfortable when working. The search for the most comfortable environment is essential, for example, if you have to spend a lot of time sitting at a table. Look for comfortable chairs to help in the process and, if necessary, buy a chair that guarantees your best posture. You will see that it will pay off in your productivity.

In addition, some natural products such as anti-inflammatory infusions or oils based on them can also be useful to help reduce your pain in a natural way.

3.feeling of anxiety

Anxiety is another of the complaints of those who are teleworking and is promoted by the feeling of reduced productivity at work and changing the dynamics of everyday life, and of course feeling anxious about the very issue that motivated all this: Covid-19.Try to relax using the techniques suggested by health authorities. Avoid fake news by choosing reliable sources of information; keep in touch digitally with your friends and, if necessary, contact a psychologist.

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